Neudorff 1L Organic Tomato Feed

Neudorff 1L Organic Tomato Feed

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The Organic Tomato Feed from Neudorff is made from 100% vegetable ingredients and contains all the essential main and trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and growth promoting substances necessary to help give gardeners strong, vigorous plants that will produce heavy crops of tasty fruit.

Potassium rich combination of nutrients promoting healthy growth of large, tasty tomatoes.

Child and pet safe, and vegan, the feed is natural, safe and effective.

Organic liquid compound fertiliser NPK 3-1-5 derived from organic materials and a natural by-product of producing sugar beet (sugar beet vinasse)

Contains high levels of potassium for bumper crops and healthy, tasty tomatoes.

Provides excellent results on all edibles.

Can also be used for seramis cultures.

Makes up to 100 L of feed.

Application recommendations:

Use from June to August.

Feed Tomatoes once per week (10 ml/L water)

Please note: not suitable for hydroponic cultivation

Makes up to 100 litres of feed

Pack size:1L concentrate bottle