Log-splitting Grenade

Log-splitting Grenade

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This log-splitting grenade carries the endorsement of the Royal Horticultural Society, the world’s leading gardening charity.

The perfect log-splitting accessory, this grenade is a four-way wedge with an ‘x’-shaped cross section.

Simply hammer into a cut log to split the wood easily into four sections along its grain. It’s a perfect partner for our log-splitting maul or sledge hammer.

It’s ideal for gardeners with chopped wood to manage, and also for anyone with a wood-burning stove or open fire in their home.

The grenade is crafted in forged high carbon steel, a process which changes the steel’s molecular structure, building in strength.

For peace of mind, this log-splitting grenade is covered by our five year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Material: forged high carbon steel
Length: 18cm
Maximum diameter: 8cm
Weight: 1.5kg